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The KEEP Team



She's the helpful and capable face you meet when you walk in our door or pick up the phone! Always organized and always ready to help...Rachelle is our front office pro!



One of the founders of KEEP, Rob is a background guy all 365 days but every year he cleans up after harvest and looks to help someone become stronger, faster, bigger, and better over the winter months.



Day-to-day manager of KEEP and its premier Exercise Therapist. She's fun, professional, knowledgeable, and never fails to be creative.

What Sets us apart

Rob Boxall BSc. Kin, CSEP-CEP, EIMC Level 2


 Rob is a founding partner of KEEP Conditioning & Rehab Ltd. He is also an Exercise Therapist by profession and registered with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology as a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP) and is Level 2 certified with Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC).  

While completing his Kinesiology Degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 2004, he worked with the Human Performance Center and the Center for Elite Hockey Conditioning at the College of Kinesiology in Saskatoon. There he learned from the very best, while training a wide range of athletes from U of S sports teams (football, hockey, and basketball), as well as elite hockey players competing at the SJHL, WHL, AHL and NHL levels. 

Before moving back to Tisdale to farm in 2013, he spent over 9 years as a Fitness Instructor at the RCMP National Training Academy in Regina where he was the lead instructor of over 50 of Canada's RCMP Cadet Troops. In his time at Depot Division, Rob worked with approximately 10,000 police cadets, now serving all across Canada. Rob's proudest moments include helping two driven cadets on separate occasions to break the famed PARE test all-time record time-that which had stood untouched for years prior. He also took a lead role in the redevelopment of the RCMP’s fitness program, focusing it on science based training and gearing it to the requirements of the police officer in tactical situations. 

Rob now finds the most pride in helping clients on their journey from the unknown to confident and competent, with an understanding of not just the "how" but especially the "why." He believes that those people who understand what they are doing begin to feel empowered and learn how to re-gain the control over those aspects of their body that they look to improve. Rob has a passion for  blending the cutting edge of what real exercise science shows us, while never over-complicating things with fads and gimmicks. Rob will get you where you want to go and what's more, you'll remember how you got there!



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Stamp of Approval


This is no "weekend" certificate!

Look for this stamp of approval from Canada's "Gold Standard" in exercise certification to know you're getting a qualified professional.

KEEP's professionals hold CEP designations - that stands for:

Certified Exercise Physiologist

This is The Highest designation awarded an exercise professional within CSEP and is trusted by doctors and NP's across Canada.

You can't be a CEP without the following:

  • A Kinesiology Degree, 
  • Successful completion of a board exam
  • Take part in continuing education

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Janine LeBlanc B.Sc. Kin, CSEP-CEP, EIMC Level 2


 Janine is an Exercise Therapist with a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Regina. She is registered with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology as a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP) and is Level 2 certified with Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC).

She came to KEEP Conditioning & Rehab in Tisdale after working for Summit Physiotherapy and Rehab in Prince Albert for a little over a year. While there she had quickly gained a reputation from clients and staff as an extremely effective and knowledgeable therapist. While in Prince Albert, she worked as a team member to prescribe exercises to clients with various injuries to enable them to return to work and the functional requirements of their daily lives. Since being at KEEP, Janine has greatly expanded her training repertoire to include group and private training ranging from people just starting out all the way to high performance clients in athletics. One program close to her heart is the Fit-4-Forever group training program that, continues to demonstrate over and over again how Janine's training methods, attention to detail, positive encouragement, group support, and hard work can spark the real and sustainable transformations our clients have been searching for.  To balance it out, she continues to enjoy offering her expertise in Rehab Therapy in Tisdale alongside KEEP's in-house Physical Therapy partner, Bourassa & Associates. 

Janine is a local, growing up and competing as a figure skater in Tisdale. She later brought her enthusiasm and spirit to her role as a Professional Figure Skating coach 7 years ago and continues to share that love of the ice to Tisdale's "next" figure skaters. Her experience as an athlete and her coaching career have instilled in Janine the importance of community in KEEP's atmosphere, making training fun and never failing to motivate clients to set goals. She has a special talent for supporting our clients through each step, and guiding them to their goals with a combination of her "lights out" knowledge base and her ability to show you how much fun you can have along the way!

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The KEEP Philosophy


Our Mission


We take pride in providing Kinesiology based, Empowering, Efficient, and Professional Services in order for Tisdale and the northeast to benefit from the highest standards of exercise science.

Our Vision


We continually want to develop and maintain our reputation as the gold standard for exercise services in the Northeast.  We will utilize science-based facility design, and programming strategies as we provide professional personal training, group conditioning, physical rehabilitation, and health education, while never failing to instill a sense of pride in our clients as integral members of the KEEP community.

Our Goals

  We want to provide the utmost quality and consistency not only in our services but also our facility as we set ourselves apart.  Our goal is that everyone who uses this facility feels a sense of both empowerment and comfort in knowing that they are supported by a professional staff that maintains the highest standards, not only in the Northeast, but in the exercise science industry. 

Our Services

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